About us
Khun Songsak Uraitharakul
Executive Chairman
Khun Huykung Uraitharakul
Executive Vice President

Real estate group

    He started his real estate business for more than 30 years. By doing business on land allocation. At Wang Nam Khiew on behalf of Wang Nam Keaw City Resort Co., Ltd. has constructed commercial buildings. And land on more than 100 rai And make a small resort. To support the tourism of the name "flute" and "comic house" and venture capital business on behalf. 304 PROPERTY CO., LTD. Krisda Garden At Ratchasima - Pakthongchai, the joint venture has sold shares to its affiliates. Held mostly. And is working on a new project.

                 Then enter the full circle. Founded "Company Korat Pandinthong Property limited "in 2002 to manage the Pandinthong project. Currently, there are 19 projects as follows:

 Pandinthong 1 

Ratchasima - Pakthongchai Rd. near Seamsuk Factory.

 Pandinthong 2 

Ratchasima - Jakkarat Rd.

 Pandinthong 3 

Sura 2 Rd.

 Pandinthong 4 

Sura 2 Rd. After The Mall.

 Pandinthong 5  

Houyyang reservoir Rd.

 Pandinthong 6  

Ratchasima - Pakthongchai Entrance to Lam Phra Pheng Dam.

 Pandinthong 7

Ratchasima - Pakthongchai near Seamsuk Factory.

 Pandinthong 8

Mittrapap Rd. near Makro.

 Pandinthong 9

Ratchasima - Jakkarat Rd. oppersit Provincial Primary Office.

 Pandinthong 10

near Seubsiri Rd. Soi Hednangfah.

 Pandinthong 11

Sura 2 Rd. near Krou Kang Soun Restuarant.

 Pandinthong 12

304 Rd. Split Zoo - Suranaree University Gate 2.

 Pandinthong City 1

Mittrapap Rd. Split Sam Yek Pakthongchai.

 Pandinthong City 2 

along the railroad Rd. near the Art of Korat.

 Pandinthong City 3

304 Rd. Entrance to Klongsongnum.

 Pandinthong City 4

Romreangchai Rd. Soi Bangrak 14.

 Pandinthong City 5

Klongsongnum Rd. After Housing - Save One Market.

 Pandinthong City 6

Klongsongnum Rd. After Sampeng Market.

 Pandinthong City 7

304 Rd. Split Zoo - Suranaree University Gate 2.